The Best Baton
Twirling Excuses Ever!

Why I dropped my baton........
1. My fingers slipped
2. My foot slipped
3. Too much revolution
4. You distracted me
5. My hands are cold
6. The air caught it and moved it
7. The floor is too slippery
8. The floor is not slippery enough
9. I tripped
10. It went through my fingers
11. It slipped off my fingers
12. It hurts when I catch it
13. The grip tape got too sweaty
14. Anna messed me up
15. I'm too dizzy
16. I don't feel good
17. I'm too tired
18. Its impossible
19. My shoes are wet
20. I stepped on gum
21. I twisted my ankle
22. I pulled a muscle
23. I am too pressured
24. Don't look at me, then I'll catch it    
25. It's my mom's fault
26. I'm hungry
27. I had to sneeze
28. You made me laugh
29. I blinked
30. I had an itch
Why I didn't practice........
1. I had 50-million hours of homework
2. I ate too much
3. My dog wanted to play
4. My baby brother was asleep
5. I practiced a lot last week
6. I was too tired.
7. The dog buried my baton in the back yard
8. I didn't think I needed to memorize the routine yet
9. The gym floor was bad
10. The contest isn't for another week
11. My cell phone broke
12. I forgot
13. The dog ate my baton
14. I'll have time to do that later
15. I didn't feel good
16. She gave me her cold
17. My mom wouldn't let me
18. I had to go shopping
19. It makes my muscles sore
20. I need new shoes
21. I left my baton at the gym 
22. It was too hot
23. It was too cold
24. It was too sunny
25. It was too dark 
26. I hurt my hand
27. I didn't have enough space
28. My baton was buried in the back of the car
29. I didn't have time in my busy schedule
30. She didn't email me the routine 



We all love to twirl, but sometimes things don't go quite as planned.

When it comes to a dropped baton or lack of practice, twirlers can get very creative with their excuses!