Twirling Tricks

Left Backhand Release Double Knuckle Pop
A nifty little novelty for your roll section, you start with a low left hand back hand release.  Just before the baton rotates to a horizontal position on it's second revolution, place your right hand, palm down, in the path of the baton.  As the baton continues to rotate, push your hand upwards just a bit, popping the baton off your knuckles into a low aerial.  As the revolution concludes, place the right hand in the path of the baton again to repeat the pop.

Lasso Straddle
Here's an easy one that is fun and nicely finishes off an 8-count.  Gripping the baton at the  ball, loop horizontal counter-clockwise over your head (full-hand grip, thumb points up.)  Then, loop horizontal counter-clockwise below your waist, full-hand grip, thumb points down.  Repeat the horizontal loop over your head, counter-clockwise as before.  The final loop is again horizontal, counterclockwise below your waist, but this time, lift your left leg as the baton passes by, (keep your legs straight), and then lift your right leg, finishing the loop with your right leg elevated.  You can either jump during the straddle, or separate the two leg lifts, depending on the effect you want to achieve.  For variation, try keeping your legs together and jumping high, seemingly over the baton, keeping your knees together and bent during the straddle loop instead of looping between your legs.

Thumb Flip Under Leg
This trick is a combination -- right leg fan kick and low thumb toss right catch right.  Start with your right leg in the left corner, body facing front.  Bring your right leg across the front in a fan kick (toe makes a rainbow, leg stays straight), ending with right leg in right corner, body still facing front.  As the right toe begins the fan kick, the right hand will begin a low thumb release, in front of the right hip.  As your leg reaches its highest point of elevation, the palm should be facing up, directly under the right thigh.  (Do not reach your arm under your leg -- this is wrong AND it looks silly!)  The baton will lift off the thumb just after the leg passes the high point, thus the aerial is on the inside of the leg.  (If this seems confusing, imagine you are kicking over your thumb toss -- if the baton hits  the outside of your leg, you have released too early.)  Finish the aerial with a right hand catch as the right legs lands the fan kick.

Double Leg Roll
(This one is included especially for Ed!)
Hold baton in right hand, lift left leg as if you are marching, thigh parallel to the ground, knee bent so toe points to ground.  Place back of right hand firmly under left leg, mid-thigh, and roll baton over leg, making sure baton is making contact with leg the entire time.  As baton goes over top of left leg and nears the vertical position, quickly switch legs (march) so right leg is raised in march position.  Baton should continue rolling smoothly over right leg.  Reach left hand under right thigh to catch baton as it finishes rolling over the right leg.

Elbow-Arm Roll

Hold baton in right hand, grasping center of shaft.   Position left arm so fist is under chin, and bent arm is flat, parallel to the floor.  Your left elbow should point directly forward from your chin.
Placing the back of your right hand against your left bicep, release the baton, letting it roll from the outside of your elbow in toward your left wrist.  Make sure the baton rolls smoothly, by firmly placing it against your left arm and allowing it to tilt very slightly in toward your face.
When the baton has rolled across your left arm, and is rolling over your left wrist (which you have kept below and in front of your chin), slowly extend your left arm forward as the baton is about 45 degrees off your wrist.  (Yes, you can finally take your fist out from under your chin, but keep your arm flat as you extend it, making sure your arm remains parallel to the ground.) 
The baton should roll over the left wrist.  You can open your left hand and grasp the baton at the conclusion of the roll as it passes in front of your left thumb, or you can continue with more rolls as it falls off of your wrist.

Palm Spin Bat Up

Hold baton in right hand, grasping center of shaft
do a horizontal (flat) full-hand revolution, allowing palm to open as revolution is completed
DO NOT STOP THE BATON, simply hold your palm flat, fingers together, and the baton will continue to spin on your palm
without touching the baton, firmly hit the back of your upturned right hand with the palm of your left hand (hit up from underneath, keeping right hand flat and right arm steady)
the force of your left hand hitting the right will cause the baton to pop upward off of your outstretched hand
catch in your right or left hand
the harder/firmer you hit, the higher it goes. 
If the baton does not go straight up, your hand is not completely flat.
When you are comfortable with this release, try spinning under the aerial.
For an even greater challenge, try catching it in a  palm spin!!!


Hold baton in right hand, at end of shaft by the ball
do a whip circle clockwise, lifting left leg (like you are marching)
release under bent left leg (point toe)
turn 1/4 so you are facing your left side
catch the baton (in center of shaft) with left hand under right leg (point toe, bend right leg like you are marching)

the 1/4 turn is important, as it will keep your baton on pattern.
when this is comfortable, try doing a 1-spin or 2-spin before the 1/4 turn catch left



place left hand over head, palm facing back
do a 4-finger twirl HORIZONTAL, from index to pinky
as your baton moves through your fingers, spin on your left foot to the left

the horizontal pattern is very important, and your palm never turns to front
good posture makes this trick more effective.  Head and free-hand position also can enhance the presentation.




Here are some two-baton tricks from Holly P. in Columbus, TX.  Thanks for sharing!

Trick One:

Take one baton in right hand and do a high thumb toss. Take second baton and pass it over your head from your left hand to your right hand.

Trick Two:

Take one baton in right hand and do a high thumb toss. Take second baton and pass it over your head from your left hand to your right hand and then pass it under your right leg.

Trick Three:

Take one baton in right hand and do a high thumb toss. Take second baton and pass it over your head from your left hand to your right hand and then pass it between the elbow and the shoulder area. (Hint 1: The trick is easier if after you pass the baton over your head you do a little loop around while your baton is in your left hand and then pass it between your elbow and shoulder area. Hint 2: Pass the baton closer to your elbow than to your shoulder for a smoother ending.)